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Safety Auditors Training Scheme (SATS)

The new intake of SATS is re-scheduled for commencement on 21 Oct 2013 (Mon).It is now open for applications.Please download the application form HERE.The closing date for applications is 3 Oct 2013.


SATS general information

Award: Certificate of Attainment


Mode of Attendance: Predominantly outside normal working hours


Training Provider: Industrial Centre (IC), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)


Supported by: The Society of Accredited Safety Auditors


Administration: School of Professional Education & Executive Development (SPEED) of PolyU


Course fee: HK$12,000.The course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses for CEF purposes.

Entry Requirement

The proposed Scheme is designed for registered safety officers and occupational safety and health practitioners. Entry is also open to candidates with appropriate tertiary qualifications and relevant professional experience, or those designated by their organisations as auditor candidates or safety reviewers.

Course Aims

(1)To review contemporary best practice in occupational safety and health (OSH) management, and to familiarise participants with the local legal requirements on OSH management, audit and review.


(2)To develop a thorough understanding of the concepts, principles, methods and techniques of modern safety management and safety auditing, covering the key process elements of safety management.


(3)To familiarise participants with the details of safety audit procedures and practice, and to develop competence in conducting a safety audit for the assessment of the effectiveness of OSH management system and safety strategies.


(4)To satisfy one of the pre-requisites for becoming a Registered Safety Auditor under the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation.

Scheme Structure and Duration of Training

It is a 108-hour course involving 3 components of study:

Part 1:Safety Management (39 hours)

Part 2:Safety Audit (39 hours)

Part 3:Audit Project (30 hours of field study)


The course will be conducted predominantly outside normal working hours. The 78-hour classroom training for Parts 1 & 2 is to be spread over a period of 3 months at 2 evenings per week.A 3-hour written examination will be held after completion of the classroom training.After that, the students will be assigned with an audit project.


The audit project is to be completed within 7 months covering the††† stages of baseline audit and follow-up audit, and each project stage covers audit plan preparation, information collection and audit report writing.Finally, oral presentation of the project is required.

Assessment Criteria and Issue of Certificate

To pass the training, a student has to attain a minimum of 60% in the written examinations as well as the project.


Any student, who has satisfactorily completed the Scheme with an attendance of not less than 75% of the classroom training and has fulfilled the above assessment criteria, will be eligible for the award of a Certificate of Attainment, issued by SPEED of PolyU.

The SATS Provider, Industrial Centre (IC)

IC has a broad experience of occupational safety and health in a range of manufacturing and construction industries. With some 100 professional and supporting staff members and over 11,000 m2 workshop, the Centre provides professional industrial training for budding and practising technologists and engineers in Hong Kong as well as this region. Because of the multidisciplinary nature, the Centre provides integrated training in various disciplines, covering civil and construction, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, electronics, building services, etc. With the various expertise, physical supports and well equipped lecturing facilities, the Centre has been suitably prepared itself for this subject, and of responding to the needs anticipated by the requirements of the OSH legislation.


IC has a long history of offering professional safety training courses for the training and education of safety personnel. The first safety programme at Endorsement Certificate level was launched in 1979 and currently it is operated under the administration of SPEED.Over the last 33 years, the Centre's efforts have resulted in producing about 3000 qualified safety professionals.


Being a pioneer in providing the first Postgraduate Scheme in Occupational Safety & Health and Master's Degree in Safety Management in Hong Kong, IC is well experienced in teaching and organising advanced training courses in various fields of occupational safety and health including the Safety Auditors Training Scheme (SATS).


The SATS programme has been run since 1997 and up to now 16 intakes have been completed.The programme has got the full support from the Society of Accredited Safety Auditors.Members of the Society (qualified with the status of "Registered Safety Auditor") and members of the ICís professional staff will be actively involved in teaching the subject and providing project supervision.

Quality Assurance

This SATS programme is subject to validation and periodic reviews by the Labour Department of HKSAR in accordance with the published guidelines approved by the authority concerned.


The programme is managed by IC and SPEED, and the quality of training is monitored through internal and external moderation.A senior officer from the Labour Department will act as the external moderator to provide external moderation inputs and advise on the quality issues of the SATS.








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