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Strategic Alliance & Partnership Programme

The Industrial Centre has a large number of excellent formal and informal links both with high-profile organizations and leading individuals in the world of environment, safety and health. The Centre's formal links with industry and professional organizations encompass the areas listed below.


The Centre is always actively seeking to establish new links and collaborative arrangements with industrial leaders or organizations. If you can see ways in which closer contact with us can be of mutual benefit please do not hesitate to contact us.



Strategic Alliance

Organization Partners

  • Professional Bodies or Institutions

  • Consultant Companies appointed by the University

  • Departments of the University

  • Institutions or organizations on joint projects or training initiatives

  • Safety Personnel of Client Companies/Organizations sponsoring the consultancy or training activities

Individual Partners

  • Visiting Lecturers/Instructors appointed by the University 

  • Safety/Environmental specialists

  • Hygienists

  • Fire Safety Specialists

  • Consultants

  • Overseas experts

Members of the Safety Research & Consultancy Group (SRCG)

  • Patrick S.K. Poon, Head, SRCG

  • Albert Kwok, Senior Consultant

  • Cecilia K.C.Fung, Consultant

  • Fenkins Chow, Consultant

  • Jonathan Chung,  Consultant

  • Alexander C.S. Chan, Consultant

  • Gary C.H. Ma,  Consultant

External Consultants

  • Mr. David Smith, Integrated Management System (IMS) Risk Solutions, UK

  • Dr. Sue Reed, University of Western Sydney, Australia

  • Dr. Don Dingsdad, University of Western Sydney, Australia

  • Dr. Brian N. Emerson, SAS Safety Audit Services Pty. Ltd., Australia

  • Kevin Hedges & Associates, Occupational Hygienist, Kevin Hedges & Associates, Australia

  • K&M Consultancy Co.

  • James Safety Consultants Limited

  • Jimmy Lau, Director & Principal Technical Advisor
    Sino Top Asia Limited.

  • Reuben H. K. Chung, RSA Consultants





Professional Development Network

CPD Programmes


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