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Safety Performance Improvement (SPI) is a four-month programme that focuses on identification and implementation of safety improvement opportunities through the process of Safety Management Review. SPI combines consultant expertise with a performance-based risk management methodology to work with the client to achieve results oriented change.




The SPI Process


Members of the SRCG*, in collaboration with the project coordinator of the client, department heads, managers and supervisors will seek to understand the current state of operations, identify opportunities and develop safety solutions substantiated by a change in baseline safety performance. SPI aims at delivering sustainable results to help clients solve occupational safety and health (OSH) problems, meet the prevailing OSH regulations, and specifically:

  • define and measure through baseline audit, data collection, stakeholder interviews, risk assessment and on-site surveys/observations;

  • explore and identify opportunities for improvement;

  • analyse and develop safety solutions with the client;

  • develop a safety plan and prioritise improvement opportunities through task force teams;

  • implement solutions with the client; and

  • sustain improvements through training and subscription to the agreed safety plan.

Consultant work on-site

  • Safety management review, including a baseline audit, interviewing staff, and risk assessment.

  • Identification of critical safety issues and improvement opportunities.

  • Developing a safety plan and formulating implementation strategies based on the findings on-site.

  • Seeking agreement on the proposed safety plan and strategies with the client.

  • Providing rollout safety management training for the implementation of the agreed safety plan.

SPI solutions result in your organization improved quality of care culture. Using a hands-on approach that directly involves staff, SPI helps develop appropriate safety solutions to assist the client in achieving substantial, realized safety benefits, and at the same time ensuring that safety standards are maintained and improved.

Areas of Focus

  • Safety management review

  • Risk assessment and identification of critical safety issues

  • Identification of safety training needs

  • Strategic safety planning

  • Soliciting management commitment and staff participation

Continual Improvement

  • Upon completion of the project, to provide 2-year safety performance monitoring service with web-based support and accident/incident analysis by members of the SCRG.

  • Under separate agreements, to provide safety training to meet identified needs of the client




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