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What we're doing

Reducing Risk; protecting people, property, and the environment.


Our aim is to help industry develop workplaces in which there is sustainable and equitable stewardship of the worksite environment, resulting in quality of life for the workers and quality of products for the industry.

Our Mission in Safety Education

Our mission is to prepare safety practitioners for exemplary service to the community through a comprehensive, integrated, multidisciplinary, and well-coordinated set of education, training, consultancy and research programmes.


We strive to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of our course participants and the agencies they represent, with the full support of the community and its resources.

About OES

The Occupational and Environmental Safety (OES) Unit of the Industrial Centre is the first of its kind in tertiary education. It has become a major professional training base and service provider in the field of industrial safety. The Unit is a natural evolution from the previous Safety Unit, which has been pioneering safety education in Hong Kong since 1979.


For over 20 years it has been conducting Safety Officer training courses that received accreditation from the Labour Department. Graduates are deemed to have satisfied the academic requirements for the statutory registration of Safety Officers. Aptly enough they form the backbone of the practicing safety professionals in Hong Kong. It is also the first establishment in Hong Kong to host a Master's Degree programme in Safety management. There have been popular demand since the postgraduate scheme was launched in 1996.


Quality Assurance and Safety Management

The Industrial Centre has always held professional excellence and high quality as its foremost goals.  The principles of Quality Assurance and Safety Management adopted by the Centre are, individuals, neither new or unique, but in the present case have been implemented as a total system approach driven by the Centre's vision and mission.  To provide appropriate quality and safety leadership the IC has initiated a Performance Pledge and promulgated departmental Safety & Health and QA Policies to cultivate a quality and safety culture that strives for continuous improvement.





Occupational & Environmental Safety Services Unit
The Industrial Centre
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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